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  • Moisturizing & Repairing Sock Masks

    Intensively softens, repairs and refreshes dry and cracked feet and heels. With 10 Botanicals, Sage and Elastic-4 complex for beautified, renewed feet with a spring in their step.

    What to expect
    The hardest working part of your body, treat your feet to an intensive Le Masque experience. Another breakthrough discovery from our scientists, our Softening Technology sock masks are double layered for intensive results. The inner layer is drenched in 16ml of active moisturizing and repairing serum, while the protective outer layer activates the thermal action, enabling the active serum to penetrate deeply into your feet for exceptional softening and replenishing results.

    A mix of 10 antioxidant-rich Botanicals boosts blood flow and circulation for refreshed, younger-feeling feet. Versatile sage acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps regulate sweat and odor while our unique Elastic 4 complex with applemint, mango peel, Vitamin E and marshmallow root deeply rebalances and repairs world-weary feet. After just 20 minutes, expect softener, beautified feet with a spring in their step.


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