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The very best of bio-science and beauty, LE MASQUE SWITZERLAND bio-cellulose + serum masks are the gold standard in luxury daily face and body care.

Made in Switzerland, each bio-cellulose second skin mask is made from fermented coconut juice drenched in 23ml of active serum. This unique combination offers exceptional skin benefits and long-lasting results. Results that extend far, far beyond the most premium creams, lotions, cotton-sheet masks or even the very latest hydrogel masks available today.

Le Masque Switzerland started originally with our now famous bio-cellulose second skin face masks and we have now extended the range to include hair and foot masks, all benefiting from our Le Masque luxury second skin science. All face, hair and body masks are kind yet potent enough to use every day, with our experts recommending at least 1-2 times every week. The secret to luminous, dewy, glowing skin, silky smooth hair and radiant body care, Le Masque Switzerland bio-cellulose + serum masks are the choice of beauty icons including Sylvie Meis and are a breakthrough innovation in every day’s skincare.



Bio-Cellulose second Skin Face Mask with Collagen Boosting Pure Gold, Amino Acids, Plant extracts and Vitamins E and B6 for smooth, lifted skin with a lasting, youthful glow.

What to expect
Pure gold stimulates cell regeneration, boosting collagen production and smoothing and firming skin. Select antioxidants, minerals and vitamins restore and maintain optimum skin hydration levels. The secret to luminous, dewy, glowing skin, Le Masque bio-cellulose masks are the choice of beauty icons including, of course, Sylvie Meis.